Hannah brings a great deal of knowledge and insight into how to respond to public sector tenders. She has been able to quickly understand our organisation and the work that we do. Her help in planning our responses and reviewing and editing our drafts has been instrumental in focusing our bids to score highly against the evaluation criteria. Hannah’s support and guidance has enabled us to confidently submit a number of winning bids.

Alex Bailey

Bailey & French, CEO

Hannah supported Vida in drafting and coordinating a key Innovate UK competition, with tight deadlines and extensive details required Hannah had been able to focus our attention on the key topic areas and meet the deadline.


We were of course thrilled to have been awarded the grant, and would recommend Hannah to anybody considering grant funding

Amar Mistry

Vida, CEO


Hannah has been awesome for our business.


Having an intelligent, challenging wordsmith is what every tech business needs. We write as engineers and we need the talent to make this readable. Hannah has helped us get more applications done, improve the words we use to describe our business as well as have great words about our offering. Hannah is my best-kept secret.

Freddie Talberg

EMSOL, Founder and CEO

Hannah did a fantastic job in a tight timeframe.

Thalamos operates in a particularly niche, complicated and counter-intuitive part of the Mental Health world. Despite this Hannah was able to quickly get her head around the core principles of the space as well as the technical language involved. She was able then to blend this into the nuanced language and key messages required for an Innovate UK application.

More important still she was able to guide me through process, highlighting particular areas of importance and making sure we had the correct supporting information ready. Time in our project was short, pressure further increased by working alongside multiple collaborators who were required to go through their own internal processes before sharing figures with us. Throughout, Hannah advised us on how best to manage this to maximise our chances of success.

I don't hesitate in recommending Hannah's work and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Arden Tomison

Thalamos, Founder and CEO

I worked with Hannah on an Innovate UK grant application that she brought to my attention. Her level of knowledge and professionalism was truly excellent and completely ran the entire process from start to finish. I can highly recommend her if you're exploring different ways of funding your business.

Adam Goodyer

LiveStyled, Founder and CEO

Hannah worked with ZigZag to write a detailed project plan on a freelance assignment.  She showed exceptionally good understanding of the project from the very beginning and was extremely diligent in her research.


The project was delivered inside a week, and she was flexible, professional, helpful and knowledgeable. I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Hannah to other companies and would happily work with her again.

Al Gerrie

ZigZag, Founder and CEO