Bid and Tender Writing | Innovate UK Applications 

Making your application stand out from the crowd

Welcome to White Raft

We specialise in helping entrepreneurial organisations win more public sector contracts and secure grant funding. Are you:

  • new to the process,

  • frustrated having been unsuccessful previously, or

  • just too busy?

We will help you to be successful via a public sector application process.  

Let us guide you through the bureaucracy, shine a light on what is needed and give you the confidence that you are delivering the answers that an assessor wants to see.

Public sector tendering

It is time consuming and often confusing to navigate; multiple documents, complex requirements, prescribed timescales and processes and specific evaluation criteria to address. Our core focus is:

  • saving our clients time,

  • demystifying what is actually required, and

  • ensuring that they excel against all of the evaluation criteria.

We build strong relationships and become a trusted advisor to our clients across all parts of the tendering process, from finding the right opportunity, to determining what a buying organisation is looking for, and supporting throughout the entire application process.

We know how challenging it can be to win public sector bids. Whether you are starting out, looking to increase your tendering capability or just not seeing the results you want, we’re here to help you make that step change and achieve your business goals.

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Innovate UK funding

White Raft also supports clients who are applying to Innovate UK for funding.

We understand that achieving Innovate UK funding can be game changing, establishing your business at the heart of innovative research and being a real tick in the box for other external investors.

Achieving Innovate UK funding though is very difficult, a time consuming application process which pits you against the most innovative ideas. There are specific things that assessors are looking for in your answers, we understand what they are and work with you to deliver an engaging application that brings your innovation to life.

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