Searching for tenders

Keeping on top of all the tender opportunities that are released isn’t easy. Multiple websites are releasing different tenders all the time.  Ensuring that you never miss an opportunity requires a dedicated effort.

Searching in OJEU only gets you so far, and automated online searches that send numerous daily emails are hard to keep on top of, opportunities can easily be missed.

The public sector is vast, central government, NHS, Local authorities, Housing Associations, Purchasing Organisations, Schools and any more organisations are releasing tenders that are potentially perfect for your business, but how do you ensure that you don’t miss out?

Are you confident that your current process is letting you see all of the new business opportunities that the public sector has to offer?

The 'Smart' Search

Imagine one weekly email delivered to your inbox listing across the entire public sector all tenders that have been released that week that are relevant to you.

Even better, how about if you could tailor that list to:

  • focus on a specific geographical area,

  • focus on a part of the public sector e.g. schools

  • align it with your overall strategy e.g. focusing on framework contracts only

  • give you insight into new markets you plan to move into

  • include contracts awarded to your competitors

How do we do this?

All our searches are carried out by people we don’t use an automated process. This enables us to apply the specific criteria you determine and deliver timely relevant opportunities.

We search across eleven different websites enabling us to capture opportunities across the public sector in UK and Ireland. Working with you we agree the key words that we should search against for opportunities and any additional criteria that you would like to apply so that your search is tailored to your specific requirements.

On an agreed day of the week we will email you with what our weekly search has found. We include details on:

  • contracting authority

  • description of the contract

  • contract value

  • submission date or next steps to apply

  • a link to the competition information

Giving you everything that you need to make a decision as to whether to bid or not and the information to get started on your application.

"Hannah brings a great deal of structure and rigour to our tender searching process." 

Alex Rayson, AppyWay

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