When your bid is unsuccessful it can be very disappointing and hard not to take personally. Submitting a tender response is a big investment of your company’s time and money, repeatedly being unsuccessful and not being able to deliver that winning bid can really deflate and frustrate.

From looking through your previous bids and evaluator feedback I will be able to show you how to  transform your bids into documents that win you new business.


Making sense of the feedback

The great thing about public sector tendering is that evaluators have to give you feedback as to where you scored well, areas that you scored poorly in and narrative as to why they selected the winning company that they did. From seeing your bids and the evaluators comments I will be able to draw a plan up of how you need to change your approach in future bids.

Public sector organisations are typically very risk adverse and so often it is a matter of how you explain your product or service.  There may be areas that your approach isn’t rigorous enough in, areas where a diagram would have explained your approach better or things that just aren’t clear. Having been an evaluator for multiple public sector organisations I’ll be able to spot areas that would cause concern.

Together we can review your approach to date and identify strategies to strengthen your next submission.

Working with Hannah enabled me to further my thinking and focus on the unique selling points of my proposition.

Marcus Mayers, Director RASIC