Supplier Presentations

Have you ever fallen at the final hurdle?

You’ve done the hard work of writing a high scoring bid, got through to the supplier presentation stage and then not been successful?


Are supplier presentations a mystery to you, never been in one and unsure of how best to approach them?

The supplier presentation stage is your time to shine, your chance to bring to life the words in your bid and your chance to convince the buyer that they want to work with you. It is a high stakes situation, I’ve seen people really struggle and what looked good on paper go up in flames spectacularly

I can make sure that that doesn’t happen to you, ensuring that you deliver a confident winning supplier presentation, which avoids any pitfalls with your bid and shows the buyer that you are the supplier they should appoint.


How I work with clients

Once you know that you have been selected to deliver a supplier presentation and have had information from the buyer as to how they plan to run the event I can work with you in a number of different ways dependent on your requirements, such as:

  • Planning your presentation – who do you take, who says what, what should you cover or leave out

  • Review your slides – have you answered all of the questions they want you to

  • Hold a mock supplier presentation where I play the role of the buyer. You and your team deliver your presentation and I will ask questions as a buyer would enabling you to practise your responses.

It is all about building your confidence, giving you an insight into the types of questions you might be asked and ensuring you have a strategy for delivering a winning presentation and question and answer session.

I work with clients at this stage even if I didn’t write or review your bid. I will read your submission and come at it exactly like a buyer or assessor would.