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More than it says on the tin - reviewing a grant application

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

One of the ways that I work with clients is to review a grant application or bid that they have written. I’ve done several of these recently for clients and what has struck me is that they are always surprised by how much help I give them with their application, so I’ve realised that calling it a review service doesn’t fully explain what I do.

Before you start writing

Before you even start writing I meet with you to discuss suggested content and an approach to answering each question.

For grant applications I can help with crafting a specific project for the submission. Taking the long list of activities that you will want to do and creating a project is a skill of mine and this clarity at the beginning is key to saving you time and ensuring a strong submission.

I provide advice on tone, layout, and supporting documentation which is often where good applications come undone.

You get access to my tutored templates for a project plan, risk register and project costings.

So before you start writing you will have done a lot of the thinking required and benefited from the input of a grant and bid writing specialist.

Reviewing your application

I watch any online briefing sessions and read the provided guidance and evaluation criteria so that I am fully briefed on what the grant funder or customer are looking for.

Once you’ve sent me a first draft I will go through your answers and assess them against the evaluation criteria. Giving you a document which highlights areas where things aren’t clear, or things that are missing. Providing suggestions for how the submission could be strengthened.

Dependent on timelines we can go through this process once or twice to get the strongest application.

Customer Feedback

My approach does work, here is what a recent client thought of working with me when I reviewed the application that they had written.

“Hannah's insight was instrumental in making our Innovate UK application a success.” Julien Denoel, BOBYSWAPS

Getting started

If you are interested in finding out more about how I can help you with reviewing your grant applications or bids please do email hannah@whiteraft.co.uk #grants #grantfunding #bids

Oh and if you’ve got a better name suggestion do let me know!