• Hannah

Free Money!!

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

See I knew that would get your attention. Sounds good doesn't it. Money to grow your business without having to give away any equity or repay it.

Where do you look for that money? Innovate UK, Department for Transport, European Union, Nesta, RSSB, Cimate-KIC and many others all run competitions throughout the year for a range of industry sectors or businesses at different stages in their growth.

How easy is it to find out about them?

Some are easier than others. Innovate UK have a mailing list you can join. Horizon 2020 lists over 500 different opportunities if you have the time to go through them. Many government departments such as MOD and DfT also run innovation grant application processes, some of them as part of Innovate UK and some via their own departments.

And then there are the non-government department related ones such as Nesta, RSSB and Climate-KIC to name but a few. All with their own requirements and application processes.

Keeping on top of all of the options is almost a full-time job. We are actively watching to see all the opportunities that are out there. Sign up for our monthly newsletter here and receive notification of live opportunities.

How do I apply?

Now this can be the painful bit. There is usually an application form to fill in, I am generalising as it can vary greatly but broadly speaking you will need to show the problem that you are addressing, the project that you want to do, how long it will take, what resources you have and will need to make it happen and how much money you will put in and they will need to put in. Some of these forms run to thousands of words, others are much shorter.

So, if you want to find out more about the opportunities out there sign up for our monthly newsletter here.

If you have found the grant for you, need help finding that grant or would like some help with the application process contact us here, I am sure we can help you.