Planning & Reviewing

You’ve found the perfect tender to respond to but:

  • You have received multiple documents and are struggling with how to interpret it all

  • How do you know what to include and not include?

  • What will enable you to score highly with the assessors?

Put simply how do you marry up all of the documents and deliver a winning bid?


Let me help you make sense of the requirements, plan out your response, and show you how to write a winning bid.


Working with me

When planning and reviewing bids I work with clients in two ways:

Plan and review a bid

We plan your approach to each question together before you write the bid. Once you have written the bid, I review it as an assessor and advise how to strengthen the bid ensuring you are answering the question in full and scoring highly against the evaluation criteria

Review a bid that you have written

Reviewing it as an assessor against the evaluation criteria, ensuring you have answered the questions in full and advising on how to strengthen the bid.

My reviews include a marked up document with track changes and comments to show how I would change your submission. In addition, you will receive a document talking you through all of the changes and comments acting as a check list for you to work through. We will then have a call so that I can talk you through my suggestions and you can ask any questions that you may have.


All work is priced individually dependent on the work to be undertaken.  


"I love Hannah’s straight talking style which maximises our time and gets us through complexity quickly. I’m a big fan."

Alex Bailey, Bailey & French

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