Innovation Grant Applications


We support startups and SMEs with their grant applications either by drafting the application or reviewing applications that have been drafted ahead of submission. 


We maintain records of grants available and are happy to advise of upcoming opportunities. 

Reasons to apply for a grant

There are a number of reasons to apply for a grant, including:

  • Non equity diluting opportunity to bring cash into a business

  • To fund opportunities for innovation and development that otherwise couldn't be taken forward

  • To speed up the commercialisation of an idea

  • Successful grant applications provide other investors in your business with reassurance as to your ideas.  Investors take comfort in other organisations wanting to invest in your business.

Sources of funding

There are a number of organisations who provide grant funding within the UK, they include:

  • Innovate UK

  • Horizon 20:20

  • Department for Transport

  • Nesta

  • RSSB

  • Wellcome Trust

  • Klimate Kick

We track opportunities with over forty different organisations that provide innovation grants. 

How we work with you

We work across all industry sectors and believe that this is one of our strengths.  We take often complicated industry specific concepts and explain them in your application in a way in which a non technical person can understand. 

We work in a number of ways dependent on what the application requires and the degree of support the project team require.  We can provide templates of risk registers and project plans; run workshops to populate those templates; host collaborative events to begin to shape the project addressed in the application.


From a project brief from the client we produce a full first draft of the form inline with the assessment criteria.  We will highlight areas that require more information and then incorporate that and any client feedback into a final draft.

We can also review an application that has already been drafted against the evaluation criteria and make suggestions for any improvements.


All work is priced individually dependent on the complexity of the application form to be completed and how developed the application is when we become involved.