Areas of expertise

We have worked with clients in a number of areas related to clarifying an idea, identifying potential customers and understanding why a customer would buy your products or services. 


Recent examples of how we have helped businesses include:


  • The client had a good idea but was struggling to sell it as a product or service offering.  We worked with the client to document the service offering and identify the sales proposition.

  • A client had been trading for a while but was struggling with achieving traction.  We completed a route cause analysis and identified areas where customers didn't fully understand the product and the key benefits that it brought.

  • The client needed to identify which market sectors to be targeting for sales and wanted an independent view point.  We conducted a review of the marketplace and identified a prioritised approach to market.


All work is priced individually.  We will work with you to draw up a deliverable focused project brief which will be fully costed and payable on completion of specific deliverables.