White Raft helps startups and SMEs apply for finance through innovation grants and loans.  We also help startups and SMEs with their bid and tender work for both public and private sector opportunities.

In essence we help clients turn their great ideas into great businesses, with a strong focus on ensuring that a business is clear as to what it is offering, whose problem it is solving and its unique selling point.  We approach our writing from the mindset of a future customer, not as an exercise to fill in a templated document.

Hannah Bryant
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Having worked as a Purchasing Consultant for 15 years I have drafted numerous applications and tenders for suppliers to respond to, evaluated supplier responses to those application forms and tenders and written client consultancy sales proposals answering requests for information. 

I understand the mindset of an organisation who is holding an application process and someone evaluating an application form or tender having been that person. I now utilise that special insight and ensure that organisations who are applying for finance or new business via an application form or tender process, are presenting the strongest case possible.

My talents are in drawing out from clients the specifics of what they would like to do and crafting it into a deliverable based project with clear aims, objectives and outcomes. When drafting tenders and bids I ensure that they always demonstrate clearly the real value that appointing that supplier would bring.